Art Competition Entries – Taking a Photo of Your Artwork with a Digital Camera

Traditionally slides have been a requirement for entering art competitions; however, more and more organisers are now accepting digital entries. Whether you email the digital image as an attachment, burn it onto a CD or print your image of the artwork depends on your skills to do this and the terms and conditions of the art competition.The best way to get a great digital image of your painting/sculpture or artwork is to take it outside on an overcast day making sure there are no shadows on it. Fill the frame of your viewfinder of your digital camera with your painting taking care that you have lined it up square on. Don’t shoot looking up, down or at an angle because the photograph will not end up square. Have your camera set on the highest resolution possible.Delete photos that don’t turn out and keep on taking photos of the painting/artwork until you get one you are happy with. You will need to copy the files from your digital camera onto your computer. Refer to your Digital Cameras manual if you are having problems.Have a go and experiment with the editing your photos with the software that comes with your digital camera or with your PC. Images can be cropped and color adjusted if necessary. If you are not satisfied learn more about software such as Adobe Photoshop to edit your digital files, borrow books from the library, get on the internet or enroll into community courses.Make sure you save the image in the correct format and size – read the conditions for the art competition you are entering. Most organisers will accept the format “Jpeg” or “Tiff” and will often have a labeling convention that needs to be followed with your name and the title of your artwork. When you burn the image on the CD include any notes or additional information in a word document at the same time. Label the CD clearly with your name, title of work and address and phone number. If you want to you could print a customized label for your CD and include the image you are entering in the art competition.Allow plenty of time to organize yourself so that you have your photo of your entry ready to go well before the closing date of the art competition. If you leave it to the day before guaranteed this will be when you run into computer problems, loose power, or have unexpected visitors!

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